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Outlander Inspired Spaces

From the moment we either read or watched Outlander, our lives have never been the same. Let's face it, our spaces haven't either. Do you have a little space tucked away that has all your Outlander trinkets and pictures? Or maybe you have an office or spare room dedicated to Outlander. You aren't alone many the world over do. I have a calendar up in my work office along with some Scotland inspired items that a coworker brought me back on her visits over to the United Kingdom. I also have a space in my work out area dedicated to Outlander and My Peak Challenge. I took to the Outlander North Carolina Facebook Group and Stephanie did the same with the Long Island Outlander Fans Group and asked to see some of our fellow fans spaces and Outlander parties they've thrown.

Mary Helen Ellis has a whole cabin inspired by Outlander and it is even called

'Craigh na Dun'. She even opened it up for tours for the attendees of the inaugural

'A Fraser's Ridge Homecoming' last Fall.

Lesa MacGregor has a beautiful 'Scottish Tavern Style' kitchen. This is totally inspiring to this history lover's heart!

Lisa Ann Margulies threw an Outlander inspired party using the 'Outlander Kitchen' cookbook. Plus, she has a little shrine collection with many of the casts autographs and items that are Outlander related.

Susan Grekin has an Outlander Pop Vinyl inspired collection. Wow!!

Ann Sloane has a neatly organized Outlander nook!

And our very own, Stephanie Bryant. She has a little book nook with other Outlander Memorabilia. Plus,several autographed pictures and even a copy of a script!

For more autographed photos go to this link:

How about you? Do you have an Outlander shrine or even an Outlander room? Share with us in the comments. Or even head over to the Outlander North Carolina Facebook Group and join us and share in this thread.

*Thanks to Tara for guest blogging and finding all these great spaces!

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