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The Fraser's: Constant Renters

Recently, my husband and I purchased our second home. Previous to that, we rented for five years. I felt like I was stuck in limbo. I was unable to be content and really comfortable. I wanted to finally settle down, decorate and just be at ease in our own home. It got me thinking of Jamie and Claire and how throughout their lives they were basically 'renters' and didn't have a true place of their own until the Ridge.

Here's a look at the various places Jamie and Claire called home:

Jamie and Claire at Castle Leoch

Since Jamie was a 'wanted' man (wait who doesn't want Jamie? ok,  I digress), Jamie was basically 'hiding out' at Leoch with his Mackenzie family. Yes, he would go out and fight but Castle Leoch was basically his fortress. He was assigned to the stables and training the horses until he married Claire.

Then it became their home until he took her back to the Stones, where she realized she wanted to stay with him instead and they ventured to Lallybroch together....

Jamie and Claire at Lallybroch

Sure Claire didn't get a warm and cozy Lallybroch welcome from the Murrays, but soon they were given the Laird's room. That's some pretty nice digs. Soon, life for the couple eased back into somewhat normal (but then again what was normal for Jamie and Claire?), even though Jamie became Laird Broch Tuarach for the first time.  

He finally gained his birthright, but for a limited time.

Incidentally, this is the last true place they were able to call home before Culloden and Claire was sent back to Frank.

Jamie and Claire at Cousin Jared's

What started out as a familial visit and a way to hide out in a foreign country, ended as house sitting. Can I get this gig? I mean the house sitting a wine lord's estate? Not the running from the British part. Anyway, this served as the catalyst to bring Jamie and Claire back to each other and try and 'erase' the damage that was done at Wentworth. Claire lived out her first pregnancy here and was able to go serve as a nurse at the city hospital.

For the first time, they could really truly play house as husband and wife and have a little bit of a normal life.  Even though a normal life doesn't entail trying to thwart and change history. They were able to at least be together and not be in danger. Yes they were working through some things, but who doesn't in marriage?

Jamie and Claire aboard the Artemis

Who doesn't love the ocean? Well I guess some people don't. But I love the ocean. However, being stuck on a boat with your loved ones for months, not so much. Especially, when you are getting to know your husband who you were just newly reunited with. Add to that the smells of the boat, yeah rough times. That's what Jamie and Claire were enduring. It definitely gave them a quick sneak peek of togetherness when they could steal away to be together for a few brief minutes.

I'd have to say this part of the story was the roughest for them, no pun intended. At least at Castle Leoch they were somewhat safe- Jamie marrying Claire and essentially 'saving' her. Then at Lallybroch it was a risk, especially taking on the Laird and Lady role.

On the Artemis, they were always surrounded by the crew, for the most part. They were basically trapped. Then Claire was displaced on the Porpoise, jumped ship, was stranded on an island and then reunited with Jamie, AGAIN. Well once aboard the Artemis again, we all know that did not end well.... I guess depending on how you look at it....

Jamie and Claire at River Run

Jamie and Claire traveled to Auntie Jocasta's to seek refuge, after losing a dear friend and along the way were assaulted, losing another friend. How's your week going?

Since, they had kin in the Colonies, Jamie decided they would pay his long lost aunt a visit. They went to rest a bit, plan out where they were going to live and get their feet planted more solidly on foreign soil. Wouldn't you love an Auntie Jocasta that you could stay with in let's say...Scotland.

They are presented the opportunity to inherit River Run. How would you like that, go visit family and be presented with basically a mansion. Only caveat, it comes with slaves. I'm sorry that's gonna be a no for me, Auntie.

They soon ruin their welcome, or Claire does rather. Plus, she grows very uncomfortable there being from the future and the whole slave subject. What seemed like a good refuge isn't anymore.

Jamie and Claire FINALLY on the Ridge

I think I heard a collect exhale from around the world when everyone saw the Fraser's finally settle on Fraser's Ridge. They finally have a place of the their own. A piece of the future America. They do share a fear in what Governor Tryon has up his sleeve and there is the matter of befriending the Indians which Jamie took care of when he became the 'Bear Killer'.

I just love to see Jamie and Claire as home owners. I love to see Jamie finding his way around the Ridge. I love that Claire has a garden and tends to bees. I can feel her pride in growing herbs for medicinal purposes and cooking. I can't wait to do the same this Spring and Summer. I know how they must feel, finally owning land of their own together as a couple, a team. It's the American Dream.

So there's a look at the many places Jamie and Claire have inhabited together. Did I miss any?

Even though, their are rumors of war coming, I'm looking forward to more Ridge time from Jamie and Claire. What was your favorite place that they have lived together? 

*Big thanks goes out to Tara, one of the Outlander North Carolina admins, for taking time to guest blog this month!

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