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Season 4: First Episode Gathering

Droughlander is officially over as Outlander's fourth season premiered Sunday night, November 4th. Many fans of the series, who had waited patiently for over a year, got together with

other fans to celebrate the airing of the first episode. I was lucky enough to hold a gathering with the fan groups, Outlander North Carolina and NC Outlander Fans, with members totaling over 1K

each. I invited any member in the Raleigh area, who wanted to share this special event, to join other members at a gathering at my home.

Each person attending brought an appetizer or dessert along with anything else they desired. A few came as far as a two hours just to spend time watching with other fans.

We have been very excited here in North Carolina,that the setting of the show has finally arrived on our shores. Beginning in Wilmington, down the Cape Fear River,on to River Run (Fayetteville) finally arriving in what will become Fraser's Ridge, which in reality, according to Diana, is

the area around Boone in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

After all the guests had arrived, we started with an informal whisky tasting, different types that Jamie and Claire may have enjoyed on the ridge. Dewar's and Bruadar, a smooth honey tasting whisky both from Scotland as well as Midnight Moonshine,apple pie flavored, and Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine made cherries ( think cherry bounce) that they would've made from a distillery on the ridge.

Finally it was time for the Season 4 first episode to premiere. We all sat quiet and still, fixated on every word and scene in front of us. Of course we cheered when our leading actors appeared on screen!

We sat still through the whole hour, absorbing each detail from the scenery to the costumes. This episode introduced the charming but treacherous, Stephen Bonnett, Ed Speelers. He was fantastic! Book readers know how Stephen will be involved in the S4 plot-line.

It will be interesting to see the show's interpretation of these events, and what will be included from the book.

After the credits rolled everyone present was full of smiles. It proved to be extremely satisfying, even if the geography was and continues to be misrepresented. After all, this group, all living in North Carolina, certainly know their state and were more sensitive to these errors.

After chatting for awhile, about this episode and what future episodes would remain true to the book or be changed,

It was time for these North Carolina lassies to take their leave.

Watching the series with everyone added to the excitement of the evening! After all Outlander has brought together many fans of the book and series, nationally and internationally, Whether in person, at an event or on social media. It's not just about the book or the show, its also about the connections we've made because Diana Gabaldon decided to write a book for practice! Imagine that!!

*NOTE* Sorry this blog is very late in coming. I was in a major car accident soon after and hospitalized until recently. I appreciate your patience and support.*

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