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10 Things We're Looking Forward to Seeing With Young Ian


As this Droughtlander continues but with a definite end in sight, it’s time to start asking ourselves what we’re looking forward to the most from Season 4. To be honest what I’m looking forward to most is seeing this guy more: John Bell as Young Ian. True confession: Young Ian just might be my favorite character. He’s fun. He’s a character that has grown in depth and importance since his first appearance as a baby in book 2. There has always been something so affable, fun, and interesting about him. So without further ado, here are the ten things we can’t wait to see John Bell as Young Ian Murray tackle in Drums of Autumn!

1. Young Ian gets Rollo the Dog.​ Ah, a boy (or any kid, really) and his dog. Young Ian and Rollo is arguably one of the most important relationships he has throughout the series. We know the hybrid dog/wolf is cast, and we can’t wait to see the first meeting. Will Young Ian win him playing dice? Will he eat fish? Think of their adventures!! Time will tell!

2. Young Ian sucks at Latin. ​Some people learn languages, like Jamie. Some people would rather look for alligators, like Young Ian. And even if this isn’t necessary to the plot whatsoever, we’re looking forward to it as just a little Young Ian character detail we like.

3. Young Ian encounters the North Carolina wildlife. ​Who wouldn’t be interested in all kinds of new animals? Ian is a teen who is fascinated by his new surroundings. And why shouldn’t he be? We know a lot will be cut, but we hope Ian’s encounter with a certain more odorous member of the animal kingdom isn’t left out.

4. Young Ian grows up.​ We leave Ian at the end of season 3 losing whatever is left of his innocence but it’s in America where he really grows up into someone that Claire and Jamie can count on. He even sees things that other characters prefer not to. Given how much we enjoyed his performance in season 3 we’re really looking forward to John Bell sinking his teeth into some of the heavier stuff Young Ian gets to do this season.

5. Young Ian gets better at intrigue.​ Alright so even in Drums of Autumn Ian isn’t super great at the spy game. But hey he manages to help Claire and Jamie get Pollyanne to safety and he does do a little quality spying on Jamie’s behalf.

6. Young Ian knocks William into the privy.​ Kids will get into trouble anywhere, won’t they? We have to hope that Ian will knock Willy into the privy when he gets scared by a little snake. And we hope even more that Uncle Jamie will make sure he goes down after him.

7. Young Ian meets his cousin Brianna. ​Major spoiler, but Brianna goes back through to stones. While everyone is looking forward to Brianna meeting her Dad Jamie, we want to see her meet Young Ian. (We could do without the incestuous proposal, though. Gross.)

8. Young Ian meets Roger Mac.​ Alright, we had a spoil another one. If there’s another meeting we’re looking forward to it’s Ian running up against Roger MacKenzie for the first time after he and Jamie misunderstand Roger’s intentions towards Brianna (Nice job, Lizzie). And that fight?? Bring on the whole thing. We’re gonna be here for it.

9. Young Ian makes friends easily. ​From the moment he goes to America Ian is obsessed with meeting Native Americans. When he does he learns their languages, cultures, and customs very quickly. No matter the tribe Ian seems to make friends easily. When Ian, Jamie, and Claire go to find Roger Mac, Ian meets Emily and changes the course of the rest of his life.

10.Young Ian’s sacrifice. ​I mean let’s face it. If there’s one thing all of us book readers want to see it’s Ian with his fresh Mohawk and the tattoos on his face. I don’t envy Bell all that time in the makeup chair and I hope that the hair department really steps it up when it comes to this makeup look, because a bad one is not going to look good. That being said we’re predicting not a dry eye in the house at Ian’s naming ceremony when he’s washed clean of his white blood.

So that’s it! Ten things we’re looking forward to from John Bell as Young Ian in season 4 of Outlander. Did we miss one? Is Young Ian your favorite character, too? Am I crazy in looking forward to Young Ian moments more than any other moments in season 4? Let us know!!

Much thanks to Andee for guest blogging this month! Great job!! Very interesting insight!! Love to hear everyone's thoughts.

Thanks also goes out once again to the amazing and talented Outlander artist, Vera Adxer who graciously lent her artwork to this blog.

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