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Outlander NYC Premiere: My Experience as a Guest Fan

Craziness ensued when Entertainment Weekly Magazine gave fans an opportunity to win tickets to the Voyager season 3 premiere in NYC on September 5, 2017. Outlander fans broke the link and virtually no one seemed to be able to get tickets. Some got a white screen, others like me were taken to their account settings. Eventually many started getting an email saying they received tickets, as I did a few days later.

I went in to the city with a few other lucky fans from my local fan group Long Island Outlander Fans, we were well represented there. We lined up at the entrance to the Time Inc. building inside waiting to enter at 6pm. As were checked in and given bracelets, we saw many other of our friends and social media lassies. The excitement and adrenaline was running through us like an electric current. We went up to the event on elevators. As we came into the event we were greeted by a poster size picture of the Entertainment Weekly double cover with Claire and Jamie.

We went past the sign to the cocktail bar area and proceeded to get drinks that were offered. Appetizers of various types were being passed by waiters. Then we all saw the red-carpet area set up with cameras and media all waiting for the special guests to arrive. Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, who play Claire and Jamie on the show were to attend in person.

I was hungry and made my way back to a quieter area to have my red wine and appetizer. I look up to see a small TV scrolling pictures of the show and the Outlander STARZ logo. I see a petite woman who looks very familiar posing for selfies. I realized it was Leanne Aguilera, host of Entertainment Tonight. Of course, I needed a selfie with her and she kindly obliged.

The rest of the cocktail party was a blur, as Sam and Cait came onto the red carpet, screams went up and phones and cameras were shooting pics of them being interviewed by various media outlets. Crowds all over, I found a spot next to friends and got a great view of Sam’s back. Not a bad sight by no means!

Eventually, we all were ushered into the theatre to watch what we all came to see, Voyager Season3 episode one, The Battle Joined. As fans slowly took their seats I wanted a drink of water. I decided to go back out to the cocktail area. I didn’t find water but I did find Sam and Cait finishing up their last interviews. Only a few fans were at the roped off area so I decided to join them. I stood directly in front of Sam as he was being interviewed and snapped a few pictures. It was surreal, so close I could touch him. Then as he was being ushered off the red carpet, a few fans were asking for selfies. Sam was smiling and posed for selfies. As he turned I was standing next to him. My friend came out to see where I was, proceeded to stand on his other side. We had to be quick, so of course we got a very bad pic. Half her face and my head sticking up. Sam looked so handsome of course, I guess that’s all that mattered. That and his arm that had just been around me...sigh. I also saw Cait walking off and yelled out to her. She kindly turned and bent over and smiled as I snapped a selfie of her and half my head.

After I came down from cloud 9 I went into the theater and proceeded to watch the new season first episode with a crowd of about 300.

Well we’ve all seen the reviews and watched at least a dozen times but I will tell you, a TV series doesn’t get better than this. It was better than expected. Accolades to all the Outlander people involved. Exceptional, beyond extraordinary! Droughlander is dead and buried and Outlander is reigning now.

After the showing Lynette Rice from Entertainment Weekly came out on stage to introduce Sam and Cait and welcome them to the stage for a Q&A session which lasted about a half hour. It was amazing to hear and see them answer questions. They were appreciative, funny, silly and serious in their responses. Then it was time for fans to ask questions and I was lucky enough to get chosen to ask a one. Well actually Lynette pointed out that I was the lady jumping up and down in the back! Thanks Lynette!! I gave a shout out to my LIOF in the audience and they cheered, hopefully Sam and Cait will remember us. After they left the stage I got got a selfie with Lynette.

I watched a playback later of a video I made of the Q&A (which is available to watch on my website) and I heard Sam say my name after I introduced myself. I’m going to have to make that my ringtone!

As we exited the theater we could take pics against the backdrop of the red-carpet area with our group. We all went out after to grab a bite to eat and to pinch ourselves, knowing that we were lucky enough to be a part of the group who got to experience an Outlander premiere. It’s all part of the Outlander magic, and it was epic. FYI: I also learned that I suck at taking selfies. Next time I’ll ask Sam, he’s a pro!!

Big thank you to Lynette Rice and Entertainment Weekly for making this event a huge success!!

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