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How to Stay Sane in an Insane World Through Our Connection to Outlander

With all the division and dissension in the world right now we need to look towards friends and family to support each other during these difficult times.

Hopefully, as Outlander fans, we belong to a fan group, whether it is local or on social media. This is a good place to retreat when we are feeling overwhelmed by the daily news accounts, of terrorism in this country and around the world.

I had the pleasure of attending an event recently, hosted by a local Outlander chapter I belong to, Long Island Outlander Fans, Long Island, NY. It was an intimate dinner gathering for about 30 of our group of 175 members. We enjoyed a nice deli style dinner at a restaurant in a private room. There were many “old timers” in attendance as well as a few “newbies”. We all were happy to see each other and to meet our new members. Time flew bye and the evening ended with hugs, kisses, smiles and the knowledge we would see each other at another event.

This is the type of fan group one dreams of belonging to. All lovely lassies who get along famously. We have frequent events, such as movies that are Outlander related in some way, whether with a cast member or a theme. The group has done historical events, such as touring of The Culper Spy Ring landmarks in my town of the Setauket, where the AMC show Turn is based. Even a Spirits Tour of a graveyard with historic reenactments.

We have even done MPC Peaker events (we have a separate group for LIOF Peaker’s) such as visiting the Fire Island Lighthouse, climbing up to the top and getting a gorgeous view of the Great South Bay and Fire Island. Other events have included an annual gathering, held to raise money for a cast member’s charity. Many dress up in costume, activities are planned and delicious foods enjoyed. Money is raised through raffles and donated items. We also find interesting events in our communities to attend such as Tai Chi, which we were lucky to get a twitter response from Sam, when we asked if he ever did this. Other activities on going right now are a combined walk/yoga/meditation/chocolate tasting. All members are invited to sign up for these events if they are interested.

We have attended Outlander and Scottish events together too. The

Tartan parade in NYC, Charity events with the cast hosted by Outlander Homepage, Outlander Forever and other area organizers. We have attended Long Island Geek Con with our own Outlander writer Richard Kahan, who wrote the great episode, a fan fav, Season 2 Episode 5 “Untimely Resurrection”. A sweet and down to earth guy, I might add.

All in all, this group, whether on social media or in person, is the salve for what ails me. Whether there’s havoc reining worldwide, the country, my state, my community or my personal life, I look forward to speaking with and seeing my Outlander friends that I have made here.

I hope all of you reading this have a fan group locally that you can also experience some of the comradery that I have, belonging to my fan group. If you don’t have something in your area already, consider starting one of your own. The rewards and benefits will be worthwhile. It will help you during the discord and upheaval that we see daily in the news. It’s important that we balance the negativity out with the positives that we can get from family, friends and luckily, in the Outlander fandom, bonding friendships all because Diana wrote a book, how cool is that?

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