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Outlander Trading Cards:Hobby or Addiction?

I write this as Outlander Season 2 Trading cards are about to be released on August 9th.

I started collecting Outlander Trading Cards season 1, when they were released in November 2016. I thought this would be another fun hobby related to Outlander. Something to do while in


When I was in elementary school and into baseball, I was also a card collector. I look back fondly on those days but also sadly when I realize much those cards are worth today. Who knows what happened to them. Still it was a fun and enjoyable hobby for a kid.

Now, as an adult with grown children I find that I am that kid again, when I am involved with collecting and trading the cards. It has brought me excitement and thrills that I haven’t felt in years. To be that kid again, with no worries but which cards I had and which I needed.

The caveat of all this is the financial investment. As a child I got an allowance that allowed me to buy card packs and maybe a few cool magazines. The cost of collecting has certainly skyrocketed and one needs to have a pretty good income to justify this hobby.

To start with, I pre ordered one box of cards which included twenty four individually wrapped packs. Each pack had five cards depending on which cards came in the pack. If you got an autograph or a wardrobe card or a printing plate it could be three cards or less. There are also promo cards and a binder to go with it, which contains a special card. For a full list of cards Cryptozoic has a website you can see all the cards that complete the full set. (Click on the picture above)

So, after getting my first box I was thrilled. I got an autograph card of Gary Lewis as Colum Mackenzie and a printing plate. Now what? After putting them in my binder and organizing everything I got the feeling I had to get another box. Well, it was the holidays and I certainly knew what I wanted. Four boxes later, five in total and I was hooked. I joined Facebook trading card fan groups and began trading and seeing what I needed from other collectors.

Of course, many cards were harder and more expensive to obtain. Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser was the card everyone wanted but not many were out there.

All of a sudden eBay was filled with Outlander trading cards for sale at ridiculous prices. I think we all questioned our sanity at this point, I know I did. So as people know from experience, addictions are difficult to control. Massive buying, bidding and trading continued until many started obtaining what they needed. Mind you, many did not or could not obtain every card in the collection. I chose to obtain the autographs, the silver set, that was my financial limit. I kept the gold and wardrobe cards I had already obtained from my five sets, I didn’t purchase anymore.

I was down to the last autograph I needed…anyone that would think Sam was the hardest and most expensive, think again. Nell Hudson as Laoghaire, yes the conniving little wench, was the most expensive but elusive card. I waited it out, maybe prices would come down and more would become available. Not so, In desperation I had to email a card distributor, who happened to have a card to sell, of course at ridiculous price! I justified it to myself by saying I needed it to finish my collection.

Ok, I’m done, now what? I sold off a few extras and was content to chat about it and root for others who were still working on their collection.

Then talk of Season 2 cards started. Promos started being posted and offered at various events and through magazine purchases. Season 1 had five promos. Expected about the same for season 2. Nope, because the first season was such a hit and boxes were sold out, the manufacture decided to go big.

As of right now there are eleven promo cards, plus two special cards only available at SDCC. The promo 10 card has yet to be released or even hinted at. Seems strange to release 11 before 10. So all these cards, except the SDCC cards, were given out free. If you didn’t attend the event or buy the magazine then you hoped you had a friend who was attending would help. Otherwise, it was the Facebook trading site or eBay.

On Wednesday Season 2 will be released. We have seen the all 27 single autograph cards and 4 double autographs, as well as some of the various wardrobe cards and of course the 72 card base set and 5 chase card sets. This new collection is much bigger than the previous season. That means more to collect, trade and money to spend.

I won’t even tell you what I pre-ordered, I’m embarrassed. Some have said collecting has become too difficult financially, others feel that they’ve gone overboard with too many cards this season, making it more difficult to collect. I myself are torn. I mean It has kept me entertained during droughlander and brought back wonderful feelings I haven’t had for so long. I’ve had many personal family problems as well, it’s provided me with a distraction. I’m not sure what I will collect or won’t this new season but I do know that I won’t be buying anymore boxes.

If you are interested in the cards or a newbie at this, there are many Facebook sites and online information to guide and help you. You can also message me with here with questions.

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