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What Did I get Myself Into: How My Love Of Outlander Made Me Start A Website

I am relatively a newbie when it comes to the world of Outlander. I somehow missed reading the books when they first came out on June 1, 1991. I try to think back on what was going on in my life then. I always was an avid reader, mostly Stephen King type novels and such. In 1991 I was in a bad way, going through a divorce from my first marriage. I was depressed and not actually tuned into the world around me. I had no children, so I began the single life I once knew back in my early 20’s. This pattern repeating itself…work, hanging out with single friends and clubbing, very big in the “old days” before the internet and online dating.

Back to my original question. Why did not read Outlander or why was I not even aware of it? I guess reading took a back seat for a number of years as I delved into my new life and adjusted to a different life than I had been living. I feel if I knew about Jamie and Claire back then I would’ve gladly given up the life I was creating and stayed home to read this amazing novel. It would’ve been the salve I needed to help heal my depression, and a lot more enjoyable than the club scene.

I only began reading Outlander in the beginning of 2015, a few months prior to the TV series season premiering. It had been suggested to me by a friend in a book club I belong to. Of course I didn’t take their suggestion right away, as I didn’t get a chance to discuss what the book was about. In the book club were always busy drinking wine, discussing our current read, drinking wine, did I mention we drank a lot of wine? So….finally….when I needed a good read in between our monthly selection, I asked again and Outlander was once again suggested.

Well my expectations after reading the book jacket inside cover was….this book doesn’t know what it wants to be. A romance, historical, sci-fi novel?? It seemed all over trying to catch readers of all genres. I contemplated, upon further research that this author, Diana Gabaldon, had written seven more of these novels all based on Outlander characters. I wondered what in the world could hold a reader’s attention to continue to read these “big books” with what seemed a hodgepodge of genres all in one book.

Well….drum roll please….as you can imagine as all fans do(insert your memory of your first read here) I GOT LOST IN OUTLANDER!! I was nowhere to be found when family/friends looked high and low for me. I found out EXACTLY what readers felt and why the books were best sellers and the fans so passionate. As you can guess I continued to read until all eight were completed…. Then I read them agan….then I listened in my car to the beautiful voice of Davina Porter on audiobook.

Low and behold April comes and Outlander is on my TV with Jamie, Claire and the other amazing characters life size, all 16 episodes! I was glued to my television like never before. Trust me I am not a T.V. watcher. With book 9 what seemed a lifetime away this fed what was becoming my Outlander obsession. Then it was over…watching it again and again and more emotional than the last watch and then the DVD’s came out. This made it even easier.

Then the inevitable happened….Droughtlander… more new material to consume. Many of us joined fan groups as I did. Joined social media groups on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to chat and interact with the cast, crew and each other. To create a world that was ALL OUTLANDER ALL THE TIME! Events started popping up with appearances of the cast, writers and even the author HERSELF!! Once again fans were able to immerse ourselves in Outlander even without any new books or shows. That’s when I looked in the mirror and saw something I had never seen before…..A FANGIRL….at my age….damn straight, much to my husband and family’s chagrin!!

At this point after long after season 2 had premiered I started to think long and hard about my involvement in Outlander. I was about to retire from teaching and had a journalism degree, even though I never pursued that career, I always loved to write. I had an itch to incorporate my love of Outlander with my love of writing. There were/are many great websites and blogs but I wanted something from a fan for fans, from my perspective. I’m no expert and have a lot to learn, so in that spirit I decided to “go for it”. I mean I had nothing to lose, after all this is not my job, it’s my way of showing my love for Outlander and expressing myself in words.

This has been a labor of love these past few months trying to get this of the ground floor to you all. I never realized what it actually took to create a website, hats off to all who have done it!

So, having now had my original question answered, satisfactorily to you all I hope, I am now undertaking the job of running this site and continuing to run it as, what I hope, is another enjoyable place where fans can come and feel like they’ve come home to a warm and fuzzy place they feel comfortable interacting with other fans as well as myself.

Please subscribe to this site if you like what you read, and I’d appreciate it if you can tell your friends and other fan groups/sites I’m here. I am always open to new ideas, suggestions and even criticisms given with love. This website is dedicated to all the fans that have helped make Outlander the best fandom ever!


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